Top three most popular online casino games nowadays (Part 2)

To attract more players, some casinos offer a special bet. A lucky hand if a blackjack (a spade or a dragon ace) is combined with an ace will be paid out at a 10: 1 ratio. The casinos later discontinued this particular form of payment, but the name ‘blackjack’ or ‘blackjack’ is what remains today.


Let’s take a look at the 500 years to medieval Italy and discover how the game was first played. Because it is described as a subtle and formal game, the game is considered a game of the nobility.

An Italian man named Felix Falguiere or Falguirei called the game “baccara”, which means zero since all human face cards have zero and right values. The pronunciation of this game has been popular all over the world.

Baccarat casino game is described as a subtle and formal game

The traditional Baccarat game once played is different when compared to online card games today. The cards are dealt with by four different dealers and each player has a chance to either be a banker or player to be able to play against other players as well as the dealer. Today, there is only one dealer and bets are placed against the dealer, the side shown as the banker.

Dragon Tiger

Originating in Cambodia, Dragon Tiger is the third game on our list. Most players like it because they like the speed and the simplicity of the game itself. It is played with a 52-card basic English deck. Joker or wild card cannot be used.

The game is usually divided into a Blackjack box containing six to eight decks of cards. Usually, when you play online at live dealer sites, the player will fight the dealer, but not with Dragon Tiger.

The aim of the game is to choose exactly which side will receive the highest card, Dragon or Tiger. It is actually more like a casino war game, only one card is dealt with the Dragon box, one card is in the Tiger box, and no additional cards are drawn.