An introduction to bonuses in reputable online casinos (Part 1)

Although there are hundreds of online casinos with thousands of different games available, they all have a few things in common, one of which is a bonus that helps attract new players and retain existing ones.

New player welcome bonuses tend to be displayed on the casino website. This let visitors know exactly how generous their rewards are. Some casinos offer bonuses of only a few dollars to new players. Meanwhile, others have welcome bonuses of up to a few thousand dollars. Most bonuses are paid out as a percentage of the first deposit. It is up to a preset level, for example, 100% of the first deposit amounted to $ 500.

Some casinos will offer new players a small bonus without the need to deposit any money first. This is a sign that the casino is confident that their games are good enough to keep new customers coming back and depositing money in the future.

High stakes bonus

Some casinos offer an exceptionally high stakes bonus for anyone wishing to deposit larger amounts. This bonus can be particularly generous, with additional benefits like a personal account manager or invitations to VIP events.

High gamblers, or those who like to deposit and play with larger amounts than most others, are often given special offers by online casinos. Usually, they can receive a larger percentage offer, or participate in tournaments, and so on

Some casinos offer an exceptionally high stakes bonus for anyone wishing to deposit larger amounts

Many online casinos offer a “Refer a Friend” bonus. It rewards a player if they refer the casino to someone they know and that person later becomes a customer. Anyone with lots of friends can make a good amount of money using this bonus type.

Free spins on some slot machines definitely another popular bonus offer. They are usually aimed at new players, but can also be offered to regular customers. Many casinos have loyalty points programs whereby players collect points every time they place a bet and exchange it for cash or bonus.

However, everyone needs to read and understand the terms and conditions that need to be met to receive bonuses and withdraw funds.